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19 de abr. de 2022
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Can you share with us the 5 unique features of PumaPay? joff: The PullPayment protocol architecture for reverse transactions allows Hong Kong Phone Number List merchants to "withdraw" funds from customers. Strong team with extensive experience in high volume transaction processing. Bringing the flexibility and scalability of payment cards to the Hong Kong Phone Number List blockchain. Develop the ecosystem from the start. Faster and cheaper transactions as PumaPay will become Introducing the next generation of blockchain (probably ORBS). 6) What plans do you have to ensure encryption billing is available to every Hong Kong Phone Number List business? Yoav: We are developing a flexible SDK and API for easy integration with merchant systems. Using PumaPay, merchants will be able to Hong Kong Phone Number List design their own transaction and payment scenarios (e.g. recurring payments based on a specific timeline or behavior, cancellation timelines, pay-per-view authorization based on the customer's initial deposit, etc.). As I mentioned earlier, we are building a Hong Kong Phone Number List strong network of early adopters and startup partners whose experience implementing PumaPay will inspire other businesses. 7) Which companies have partnered with PumaPay, and is there a limit to the number of companies you can partner with? Yoav: To name a few, we partnered with Fashion TV - a global Hong Kong Phone Number List brand that needs no introduction. And Backpack, a fintech company that provides back office and CRM solutions. The full list of our early Hong Kong Phone Number List adopters is updated frequently and can be found on our website and whitepaper. New companies are signing up every day. We don't set exact limits because no two businesses are the same and each may require a different range of interactions and implementations. We work closely with our early Hong Kong Phone Number List adopters to ensure we can fully support them as they implement the protocol. 8) What are your thoughts on the recent price drop of Bitcoin and other Hong Kong Phone Number List cryptocurrencies, and what do you think the future holds for PumaPay and the blockchain industry? Yoav: I think the recent drop in Bitcoin is a natural correction to the previous bullish trend.