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monira khan
22 de jun. de 2022
In Discussões Gerais
The content does not know what the person who bulk sms service reads the content wants to see, and also does not know whether the content he wrote can really create value for others, and whether there is any room for improvement. It is completely black. box. On the other hand, this structure is also very unstable. It is entirely up to the product operator to bulk sms service maintain this weak Internet marriage in the middle. If it is not guaranteed, a large number of users will be lost one day. Therefore, community products are committed to Bulk Sms Service making direct contact between content producers and content consumers, and between users who consume the same content, which is what we call interaction here. Of course, it's not about socializing and randomly matching two people to make them chat awkwardly. But based on their recognition bulk sms service of the same content, there is a natural desire to connect and interact. The essence of interaction is our desire to communicate. Content consumers will naturally want to interact bulk sms service with content creators based on the recognition of the content or emotional resonance, such as "It's so real! Hit the soul's torture", or because of herd mentality, they will imitate and follow some popular copywriting, such as "I may not be a human, but you are a real dog". For content creators, the bulk sms service source of interaction may be based on the sense of honor of being liked, recognized and followed, and they will feel that they have a great responsibility to answer everyone. questions and try to do better.
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