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11 de abr. de 2022
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Market Share This is measured by individual companies making estimates as to what their share of their market is, as well as by some industry groups which collate the overall industry share data, and independent companies who provide some market share statistics for some industries. Market share is a significant measure of the success of a company's marketing activities, but since it can be 'bought' it is not necessarily a good financial measure of profitability or margin. For example, some companies will sell their products at email list significantly reduced prices in order to win sales and market share, but the overall result may be reduced profitability. So when discounted pricing is involved, the question is always, what is a more important measurement, share or profit? Customer Satisfaction You must be careful when you use this indicator, to ensure you are actually measuring the things that are important to your customers, not to you. For example, client relationships are all about people, and your customers may not particularly 'click' with the person who is assigned to look after their business. This would not necessarily come out in a customer survey, and may not be anyone's 'fault', but it could ultimately be the cause for the customer to go elsewhere.